In this column, I discuss why we may want to rethink our phone use while riding – and share some positive ideas on how to change phone habits at the barn

browsing FB
checking email
scrolling Insta
taking a cute pic
I have occasionally done all of these while in the tack – have you?

Special thanks to Taylor St Jacques for chatting with me about a phone strategy that helped her focus this year. ?

Equestrian mental skills coach Tonya Johnston shares top tips for managing your phone at the barn

Christine from work left you a voicemail, Steve sent a text about rescheduling your daughter’s voice lesson, your brother emailed you about dinner on Saturday and Alice commented on your new profile picture on Facebook—but guess what? You don’t know any of that because you are with your horse and your phone is the furthest thing from your mind (turned off, in the car, in your tack trunk, on airplane mode or at home). Bravo! You have successfully navigated a significant challenge to maintaining clear focus in this day and age.

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