Inside Your Ride: The Mindset Boost

The Mindset Boost
Fall 2023
Tuesdays, September 5 – November 7
(with no group call on 9/19 or 9/26)


Cost: $485

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The Mindset Boost Coaching Group with Tonya Johnston, MA

The Mindset Boost is an 8-week blend of virtual group coaching and mental skills instruction. This group format is designed for riders who want an affordable way to boost their mental strength and up-level their mental game for riding and competing. We will be fine-tuning your current mental skills as well as adding new tools to your toolbox to help your riding in a positive and proactive way.


  • A weekly Zoom meeting that will alternate between mental skills instruction/coaching or member check-ins with Q & A
  • Private Facebook group for group member peer-support
  • Handouts will be emailed prior to the instructional meetings
  • Resources suggestions to include a variety of the following: worksheets, books, readings, podcast episodes, movies, YouTube videos


  1. How long is The Mindset Boost?
    Mindset Boost will run from Tuesdays, September 5 – November 7 (with no group call on 9/19 or 9/26), with one weekly Zoom call and ongoing check-ins via our Private Facebook group.
  2. Will the Zoom calls be on the same day and time each week?
    Yes, Zoom meetings will be held on Tuesday evenings at 5 pm PT.
  3. Will the calls and videos be available to watch after they air?
    Yes, all Zooms and videos will be posted to the Facebook group for viewing at your convenience for the duration of Mindset Boost.
  4. Are there age or level restrictions?
    No, The Mindset Boost is open to all levels.
  5. Can you request a Group for your barn or a group of friends?
    Yes, private versions of The Mindset Boost can also be designed for you, your barn, your clients or friends. Please email for more information.
  6. Can I join once Mindset Boost has already started?
    Yes, the resources and meetings will be available on Facebook for you to catch up for anything that you missed.