When, how and who to hire as a mental-skills professional

“As you zipped along the highway going home from the barn today, you had some time to reflect on your riding. It was exciting and a little bit intimidating to realize that you feel ready to get some personal, professional help on your mental game. You are motivated because you want to go after the big goals you and your trainer discussed last week and you also want to avoid those irritating feelings of frustration that” ….

Another excerpt from this column:

Questions to Ask

Here are some great starter questions to ask a potential mental-skills coach that may be helpful to you in assessing a good fit. Not only will the information you gather be useful, but the process of having a conversation on the phone or in person is also a valuable way to gain a deeper understanding of the coach’s personality and communication style during your initial contact.

1. I’d like help working on ______. How do you address this type of issue?
2. How do we determine how many sessions to do? Do you have packages?
3. What is your education/background/training in sport psychology?
4. What is your cancellation policy?
5. What methods can I use to reach out to you for support once we start working together?
6. What is your personal riding or sport background?

This article was originally published in the March 2018 issue of Practical Horseman.

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