What are the most important things you can do to keep your relationship with your trainer going strong? Perhaps you have an annual goals meeting. Or you make sure to let her know what you appreciated most at the end of a lesson. There are so many facets to a healthy, long-term coach–athlete bond. It can certainly be tricky to keep your eye on them all. From time to time it is useful to take a step back and examine your role in the partnership you have with your trainer and what you can do to keep it functioning optimally.

Our trainer/student relationships are vital to our enjoyment and success in equestrian sport? How long have you ridden with your trainer? What keeps you going strong together? ?Trust, respect, maintaining positive communication, both of you being open to learning – the list of potential ingredients is long! It is valuable to take stock and be mindful of how you keep things healthy and productive. Please check out my “Inside Your Ride” column in the November 2018 @practicalhorseman ?? I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!