Tonya speaks with top amateur hunter riders Caroline Ingalls and Irene Neuwirth who both had amazing indoor seasons this fall. Brought to you by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services. Listen in!

Plaidcast 308: Tonya Johnston, Mental Skills Coach with Caroline Ingalls & Irene Neuwirth by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services


  • Host: Tonya Johnston, Visit her Website, Facebook and buy her book Inside Your Ride
  • Guest: Caroline Ingalls is an amateur owner hunter rider who rides with Hap Hansen Stables. This fall she and her horse Concerto were grand champion at both Harrisburg and the National Horse show in Kentucky – impressively the second time for them as grand A/O champions at the National Horse Show. Caroline is an interior designer and lives in southern California.
  • Guest: Irene Neuwirth is an amateur owner hunter rider who trains with John Bragg of Bridgeport Farms. She was champion at Devon this year in the 3’6? A/O hunters and was champion and reserve her first time at the Washington International Horse Show as well as reserve champion at Harrisburg. Irene balances her riding time around her business where she designs original fine jewelry.
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  • Photo Credit: Shawn McMillen Photography
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