Tonya Johnston, Mental Skills Coach speaks with barn manager extraordinaire Colleen Reed. Tonya also shares a technique that helps you focus on your successes from 2023 and teaches how to bring those successes with you into the new year. Brought to you by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services. Listen in!

Plaidcast 358: Tonya Johnston’s Inside Your Ride with Colleen Reed by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services


  • Host: Tonya Johnston, Visit her Website, Facebook and buy her book Inside Your Ride
  • Guest: Colleen Reed successfully convinced her parents of her need for riding lessons at age nine. Colleen was a proud member of the Hambletonian US Pony Club from age 10 through 18, and it was the education from Pony Club that ignited Colleen’s passion for horse care and stable management. Despite never owning a pony or horse of her own, Colleen became a master of trading her barn skills for horses to show throughout the local New Jersey and New York circuits. In 1984, while attending Centenary College, where she majored in Equine Studies and Management, Colleen was given an internship at famed Beacon Hill Show Stables working as a groom for top show hunters and Equitation mounts. Before long she went from interning to fulltime member of the Beacon Hill team, eventually moving into a traveling management position that found Colleen accompanying upwards of 25 horses to events nationwide. Colleen’s expert barn skills soon caught the attention of the great Emerson Burr and in 1991 Colleen became the manager for Fairfield County Hunt Club and groom for Leslie Burr Howard’s elite jumpers- Gem Twist, Pressurized and Charisma. Colleen’s time at Fairfield provided a wide range of competition care, from winning World Cups to Pony Finals silver cups. Colleen remains active in the equestrian community as a Stable Manager Clinician for the USHJA EAP and Gold Star Clinics as well as the USEF Horsemastership Session. Colleen is an active FEI Steward, a USEF Steward and a Certified Schooling Area Supervisor. Colleen’s love and passion for the care of horses and their environment remains as devout today as when this former Pony Clubber began.
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