“I make sure that I know the course; I go over it a few times in my head. I kind of break it into parts. Usually, you know the typical hunter course, you have your first jump, and then you have a line, diagonal, and maybe another single jump. I will just break the course up into single elements – maybe like a single jump or a line. When I am riding it I just focus on one element [at a time] and once I am done with that element and that is executed, I completely forget it and focus on what’s next… I kind of ride it in sections and it makes it a lot more manageable… finding 5 perfect distances or 8 perfect distances – or whatever you need for that round – can be kind of overwhelming but if you just say ‘Ok, here’s one jump that I am riding’ it makes it more manageable and it’s easier to do well. Then your brain doesn’t have to focus on so many things at once.” – Stephanie Danhakl 

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  • Photos:  Stephanie Danhakl above, Carlton Brooks below
  • Guest:  Carleton Brooks, Balmoral Farm
  • Guest:  Stephanie Danhakl
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