Tonya Johnston, Mental Skills Coach speaks with top junior rider who recently became an amateur, Avery Glynn. Tonya also gives her top tips for making a new riding playlist to help you get ready for your rides in 2024. Brought to you by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services. Listen in!

Plaidcast 362: Tonya Johnston’s Inside Your Ride with Avery Glynn by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services


  • Host: Tonya Johnston, Visit her Website, Facebook and buy her book Inside Your Ride
  • Guest: Avery Glynn is a lifelong equestrian, who grew up in northern California. Avery is the daughter of two professional equestrians, Hope Glynn and Ned Glynn. She is a two-time R.W. Mutch Equitation Trophy winner at Devon, winner of the 2023 Ronnie Mutch Equitation Championship at the Thermal Desert Circuit, 2023 West Coast Gladstone Cup champion, 2022 Hermes Equitation Championship winner at the Hampton Classic and has ribboned at all of the major indoor medal finals. Avery now rides for Auburn University as a freshman and competes in the amateur divisions.
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